Saturday, June 2, 2012

Star Ruler and other related Drivel

Hey everyone, i just wanted to deviate from the Lore Master series a smidge while i travel for my summer vacation and i wnated to take a little time to share something truly beautiful with you and also get some input from everyone.

Recently (and by recently i mean at LEAST a year ago) i discovered a ground breaking 4X RTS game called Star Ruler which not only claims to have a massive amount of customizability, difficulty and scale, it provides. The game was developed by very little known Indie development studio Blind Mind Studios and their motley crew of 4 permanent employees and 4 community contributors.Basically it offers the users a chance to start their own space empire from the ground up.

When you start a new game, you begin with 1 planet to call your own and a beginning to 1-4 hours of the most intense, addicting and entertaining video game experience i've ever had. But there's a lot of finite mechanics that aren't explained very well at all through the tutorial series even after the 4 updates that have been released for the game which makes the game's difficulty curve extremely difficult to overcome. This also in turn ends up turning down thousands of people who have spent their hard earned cash on the game. But such a great game that was developed as a first project by such a small and unknown studio really deserves as many people playing it as humanly possible.

So onto my reader input question of the day so to speak. Would any of you be interested in my writing a very, VERY in-depth series on all the nooks and crannies that i have discovered in Star Ruler thus far?... go ahead and leave your response in the comments section below and i'll see you next time!

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