Friday, March 30, 2012

The Expectancy Factor

In the united states the necessity for a college education of any kind is become more and more prudent. Back 30-50 years ago, it was never an issue, requiring a college degree. Higher learning was only required for professions that directly affected other people in the near future. For instance if you were a Doctor, you'd need a college education. If you were an educator, you'd need a college degree. Aside from those and a few others, there really weren't too many professions that demanded a college degree.

This may stem from the fact that certain fields that require degrees now were not developed enough or even understood enough to demand college degrees. These professions would be anything to do with the internet, computers or electronics. Back in the day we didn't fully understand what we call the fundamentals of electronic engineering today. I digress though. Regardless of what the past held, in today's society, it is almost expected that a person gets a college degree or look forward to flipping patties for the rest of their adult careers. This is in a sense upsetting but at the same time it's necessary.

On one side of the coin, it promotes being trained professionally at what you do to guarantee that you're at least decent at it walking in. However, on the other side of the coin, it says that there is no such thing as learning by experience. Modern society has become so dependent and "handout mentality" oriented that it's very seldom that it is expected that everything you need to know about everything is spoon-fed to you. If it's not spoon fed to you, there is just simply no way on earth that you could have learned it.

I understand this stance on society, but i do not agree in forcing it and promoting it. Making videos and submitting them on youtube or simply talking to younger people about general knowledge things, it's incredible how difficult it is to encourage them to look anything up for themselves. It's always "well you know it, why don't you just tell me?" or "but i don't want to read right now." Comments are constantly posted on my youtube videos asking questions about content that is covered in the videos. I had a guy message me on youtube once asking me to explain three concepts to him when it would have been easier for him just to read the videos. Why? because instead of researching it on his own, he'd rather go to the source and have it spoon fed to him.

I digress again. I was the first generation in my family linage to actually desire a higher education after high school. So much so that by the time i was finishing freshman year i had already began looking into options casually for my future education past the free stuff. I was easily dissuaded by the prices of college. For those of you who don't know, there is no cheap way around a bachelors degree. regardless of where you go. how shitty of quality the university is, you're guaranteed at least $10,000 a semester for full time education. So i had settled within myself that an Associates would do just fine until i was able to support myself with a job in the industry and could continue on from where i left off.

My parents did not agree with this at all. When i had gone into high school, they said they would do their absolute best to support me in my choice of higher education and promised to contribute whatever money they could to the cause. However as soon as i hit my senior year of high school, everything changed. To cut the long sob stories and tear jerking moments, the essentially told me that i was on my own. So much that i had to twist their arm to sign off on the consent form to have my name added to the pamphlet for grad night. So when i walked away with my degree i told myself that i was pretty much on my own for the rest of my college career. And it's amazing how right i was.

As such i have managed to pay for my college tuition for the Community college out of pocket, by myself, with no assistance what so ever from anyone else up until now, but with the last year and a half of my associates degree speeding headlong into the fray, my parents and grandparents are constantly on my case regarding their desire for me to get a bachelors degree in the future. When i explain to them why i can't afford to get a bachelors degree straight away they look at me with that confused dog look on their face and ask why not. as if they are implying that they are willing to help me now. But i have a hard time believing that since they refused to provide any help with my minimal $1,000/semester tuition fees right now; and when i say minimal, i mean compared to the grand scheme of higher education.

Still they're constantly arguing with me that i need to get my bachelors degree before i move out of the house and that i need to take advantage of my free housing while i can. All i can say is: "As much as i love the fact that i have a place to live that is free of charge, i still have to buy my own groceries, i have to put $75.00 of gas in my car every week because of distance from the school, and i have to pay the thousand in tuition every three months without assistance, and while working for minimum wage." I do intend on getting my bachelors degree. However, i intend on getting it after i have a good paying job in the professional market and can support myself much better than i can right now.

If you were in my position, would you do anything differently? How would you respond to all of the expectations placed upon me that are simply too far out of my reach at this time?


  1. Wow.... that is some amazing insight man....

  2. Find a better paying job bro you can still go to school

  3. id give up, dont ask me for advice ;D

  4. I wish i could be a pilot for the military without a degree :( of well free education!