Saturday, April 21, 2012

Global Warming and Other, related horse shit

If you've lived on this planet for the last three years i guarantee you've heard about the heated debates. People making claims that the human race is destroying the world and, causing the polar ice caps to melt because my 2003 Ford Taurus doesn't run as clean as the next guy's SMART car or the other guy's Prius. Well all i have to say to that is at least i can keep some sliver of my dignity driving my granny car as opposed to driving one of those overpriced scams, but that's a discussion for another time.

Today i wanted to brush over some of my personal opinions regarding this situation and others related to it in keeping the tradition of my blog's name. The first thing i'd like to go over is that science has already proven in multiple studies that the temperature and the polarities of the planet shift in cycles. the temperature regions of the earth go in a somewhat sinusoidal wave with just about everything. we go into a great freeze, then we go into a great heat, and flip it back around, these changes take place over a very long period of time and the last time we hit a great freeze it pre-dated modern meteorology so there was no science dictating that there was something genuinely wrong with the climates until one year everything started to freeze worse than anything the human race had ever seen before.

This same concept applies for the temperature variations that we experience in the world. For instance, anyone with a basic understanding of Cosmology of Astrology would know that there are two things known as a solar maximum and a solar minimum. The times when the sun is furthest and closest to the earth thus causing it to become warmer or colder those years depending on which one it is. 2012 happens to mark a solar maximum, so expect your summers to be exceedingly hot and then expect a 7 year cool-down period until the solar minimum at which point we will start to climb (over 11 years) back to the next solar maximum. Why is it 7 years from a max to a min and 11 the other way around? don't ask me but i'm guessing it has something to do with gravitational pulls and the cycle of the planets in our system.

Knowing this small tidbit of information sheds light to some of the interesting occurrances that we've been seeing on this planet.
  1. It may just be natural that the planet is finally peaking out out the wave from it's last great freeze.
  2. Point 1 combined with the fact that we're hitting a solar maximum could easily account for the record high heats we've experienced in 2011 and the even higher ones that are sure to come in 2012
The next interesting topic i'd like to discuss would be the common misconception that if every country on the planet were to fire every nuke they had at the same time and they all went off at the same time, that we could essentially destroy the planet three times over or some shit. Well, i hate to say it but as the late great George Carlin would have put it: "It's all bullshit people, and it's bad for you."

Let's start off by saying that there have been some half-dozen notable extinction events in the history of the planet so far as we know. One of them, which is credited with wiping out the dinosaurs released a whopping 340,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Joules of energy, which comes out to to roughly 81,340 nuclear missiles (that's rounding up from just under 81,339 & 3/4). Giving the human species the benefit of the doubt, there are only an estimated 22,000 nuclear missiles (strategic and non-strategic combined) spread across all of the countries that currently have them. If that's not realistic and factual enough for your tastes, the Chicxulub Crater at the Yucatan Peninsula in Southeastern Mexico was caused by an asteroid impact that had a yield of roughly 119,617 nuclear warheads and yet all we have to speak for it is a crater that is 110 miles in diameter and probably no more than 2 or 3 miles deep (there is no official depth so far as i can tell).

How people gathered the idea that we could destroy the entire planet three times over with 1/6th the number of nukes required to make a 110 mile in diameter hole in the ground is beyond me. Never the less, people eat up this information like it's candy and then spread it around till all we have is a misinformed public.

Finally i want to touch on the organic foods movement. In my humble opinion, if you're buying into the organic foods movement, you're not only a sap, but you're letting them rob you blind. Organic foods by definition are foods that are grown with less pesticides and less synthetic growth hormones or any of that dandy stuff. Yet they decide to charge you more for the food that was grown without the pesticides that keep bugs from shitting on it. buying into that money making machine is like walking up to someone and handing them your wallet, watch and phone and turning the other way. I mean really, it's just like fast food joints that charge extra for REMOVING toppings from the burger. You're going to charge me more for less? I'm sure we'd all shout that they're out of their freakin minds and never go back, which is exactly why fast food joints stopped doing that with the turn of the century.

What's your take on all of this? i want to hear some feedback from you guys, i welcome all the hostility you've got, because frankly i don't care if you don't agree with me, we're all entitled to our own, individual opinions. It's what makes us unique, because god knows our fashion choices aren't.

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