Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Power of Music

I've been spending a lot of time watching the re-imaged series of Battlestar Galactica, a TV series that, back in the 70's and 80's appeared doomed to be terrible forever, has really brought my attention back to what is good on TV. There are very few television series out on the networks anymore that are even worth watching and the pity is, the majority of the ones that are worth watching for their deep, lush stories and strong array of dynamic lead roles area always the first Television shows to go. But this is for another rant, another time. Today I want to strictly take some time to talk about music and the impact it has on us all.

Not a lot of people even realize how much music can affect one's judgement. If you're in an angry mood, fast paced songs will only make you angrier. If you're in a sad mood, slow paced songs or songs in minor chords will plunge you into depression. If you're light on your feet with love, songs in a major 9th will make you fall deeper in love stir the butterflies. I don't want to abuse the model too much but if you don't believe me, try it out. Next time your angry, listen to the most up-beat, grungy song you can find like "War is the Answer" by Five Finger Death Punch. It will fuel the rage. Alternatively, next time you find yourself in a sad mood, listen to a slow song like "To Zanarkand" from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack, they will make you cry.

The reason i bring all of this up is because the re-imaging of Battlestar Galactica takes a very interesting theme with it's music. You can almost listen to how the TV show evolves as a whole by listening to the soundtracks for the seasons in order. It starts off as a very galant and electrified series as the human race fights to survive and wins by the skin of their neck every time. As the series moves forward the tones start getting dark, which only aides in underlining the struggle that the human race is going against to survive, and how it's beginning to wear down on them. Without revealing too much about the series I do have to insert a plug and highly recommend the TV series to ALL of you. if you enjoy a good sci-fi, if you loved Star Trek (any of them, even the 2009 reboot) you will love this TV series. All of it's seasons and it's prequel series called Caprica which explains the events leading to the main story are on netflix. If you don't have netflix, Create a spam E-mail and sign up for the 1-month free trial and watch it for free.

I digress from my promotional pedestal though. When we all listen to music, if we tend to take our mind away from the music itself and let the mind wander on it's own, you start to feel emotions from memories you've long since locked away resurface. Maybe you'll relate the music to your stressful week at work? Maybe you went through a divorce 10 years ago and thought you had moved on with it. Whatever the memory is, if the musical mood is fitting, it will pull those memories out. And it will amplify them.

This is one of the reasons i've always preferred 100% acoustic music as opposed to music with lyrics. Because i welcome the wandering of the mind. I welcome the emotional release that is controlled and contained to a manageable size but it's still an emotional release. It gives me a chance to keep my sanity when i've chosen to be the guiding light for so many other people and their problems.

Sorry for the short blog and the serious, melodramatic tone on this one. What music have you listened to lately that has pulled forgotten emotions out of the fold?


  1. I absolutely love just sitting back,listening to music and just letting my emotions cloud. c: good read,sir.

  2. I love music. It's what keeps me up, energetic, and actually helps me through the day.