Thursday, July 19, 2012

Game Review: Nuclear Dawn

To be entirely honest, i was a little skeptical about getting this game in the first place. my mindset was when reading the description was that the game was just a blatant ripoff of Natural Selection created by Other World entertainment. Being that they were about to release the second installment of their Natural Selection series, a game that i have been anticipating since it was announced and already preordered with early access to the alpha, beta and official release game, i wasn't entirely sure that i wanted another that was just like it.

Nuclear Dawn, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Natural selection is an RTS/FPS type video game. There are two teams, one member of each team is designated to be the Commander of the team. that commander is placed in charge of the command center where they set up spawns, power outlets, equipment, etc. Whereas the rest of the team has to try and capture resource points for the commander by battling with the other team who is in charge of doing the same thing. The end objective is to see who can destroy the other team's commander first. pretty easy, lots of fun.

The neat catch about Natural Selection is that you have Aliens and Marines as the two warring factions. The aliens are significantly weaker individually than the marines but are stronger in well balanced packs. the Marines are strong as long as they're outfitted correctly and are very reliant on their commander to give them necessary equipment such as new and upgraded weapons.

In Nuclear dawn it's pretty much the same thing, the worlds are a little more open, all of them are outdoors whereas Natural Selection is the king of indoor maps, and there are 4 classes for both sides to pick, each side has unique weapons in their enhanced weapons kits and it makes for a very fun and interesting time.

My experience with the game started out with a few games that were pretty run of the mill, i saw the game as something that was mindlessly fun for a few hours but i would probably end up putting it down in the long run simply because of how procedural it was. This usually happens with me to video games, there is nothing more to do after a certain point and then everything slowly becomes repetitive and boring. but this ended up not being the case. I found that certain situations called for me to go with different classes all the time so i was constantly switching classes and equipment sets for that class.

Finally we got to a game where my team was losing horribly, the enemy team was IN our base about to destroy our command center and our team then banded together and all switched to suppression and quick kill equipment sets and we ended up repelling the enemy attack at the last second then making a valiant push all the way over to their base by choking them over resources and won. It was amazingly intense and super fun.

After that match i pretty much resolved that this game had huge potential and it all depended on the crowd you were playing with.

So, all that being said, final verdict is: if this game is on sale at a reasonable price? Buy it and play it. Find yourself a good group of players and play with them as often as you can because this game can be entertaining and exhilarating.

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