Friday, July 20, 2012

The Tale of "The Joker"

I figured now would be a good time for me to address some very sensitive subjects that have come to pass since 12:39AM Mountain time. There are a lot of questions that need to be raised when viewing the slaughter that occured during last night's premier of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, CO.

First off, i would like to mention that as inappropriate as it is, it just goes to show how little faith I have in modern media when i hear about something like this and i think to myself "What? No media proclaimed VIP's?" It's a very dark prospect but i'd be lying if i told you i didn't think that immediately. Fact is, our media only publicizes things that will skyrocket their ratings, so normally a few of us lower- to upper-middle class people getting killed is nothing that will usually ever make headline news.


Being a resident of Arizona, whom has been the target of all the gun control brunt since last January, I find the incident very interesting for a few reasons. It's not just horrifying because 71-some people were shot, 12 killed a reported 59 still in urgent care it's horrifying becuase the gunman, James Holmes, was the least likely suspect and when detained he showed some serious symptoms of Dementia. It was clear that the logic centers of his brain were still active, that much could be pulled from the fact that he was still cognitive enough to prop the fire escape open as to gain easy access back into the theater. But when he was apprehended he stated that he was "The Joker" referring to the Antagonist of the second installment of the Dark Knight series in which Heath Ledger played a character by the same name.

To add even more evidence to the wackjob cake, he was smiling in his mugshot. This is a key point that i want to make. When the Gabriel Giffords shooting occured, which by the way, happened a little less than a mile from where i live, i spent a great deal of time studying Jared Loughner. Primarily his mugshot and all of the stuff he had uploaded onto youtube before he decided to go on his shooting spree. First off, the fact that Jared wasn't reported to the authorities before anything happened was a mystery. I know several people who went to school with the guy and the majority rules that there was something... off... about him to begin with. He was the kind of societal reject that you could look at and say "yeah, he's probably going to land in prison one day."

On top of that, his 3-part video series about his Utopian society was a dead give-away, there were more references in those videos to forcefully overthrowing the government and making waves in the government than you could hold in a basket.

But the mugshot. That's the final piece to the puzzle. Loughner went so far off the deep end by the time everything was all said and done that he really felt that by killing those poor 6 people, he had sparked the embers that would grow into a forest fire to initiate his Utopian Society. In his mugshot taken January 22, 2011, it was clearly visible that he was proud of what he had done. He's not frowning, he's not indifferent, he's not even smiling. He's smirking. Like a poker player with a good hand and a bad poker face, he's smirking. He was confident that what he had done was justified and had to be done in order to usher in a new era of government for the united states. Hell, he probably believes it's already been ushered in due to the happy pills they've got him on.

The very same can be said about James Holmes; he's not smirking, no, but his lips are pursed in a smile, his eyebrows are raised and his eyes are slightly dilated in a perfectly lit room. He's Experience a feeling of Euphoria if i had to guess. He is proud of what he did because in his mind the plan was executed perfectly and he feels he did nothing wrong. He was probably just responding to a calling he believed he had received from something higher than himself.

The execution of the crimes manslaughter that Holmes produced was very status quot for the Joker from the second installment of the Dark Knight series. He generally appeared as someone unsuspecting in a large crowd (his pitch was always media, he was trying to grab the attention of the media and of Batman himself), scout out the prey. If they seemed harmless enough to overpower easily, he'd then do some form of grandiose reveal of his arsenal that he hid under something like a trench coat or arm himself in the broom closet, and then come out and carelessly slaughter people. Are you beginning to see the similarities

 Either way, i am in no way standing up for Holmes. I think he is clinically ill in the head and this will probably be brought to public eyes within the next week after he gets processed, gets an initial hearing and gets a psyche eval. Sadly he'll probably avert the death penalty by submitting a plea of insanity just like Loughner. I hope for the sake of the US, that they put him in an asylum very far away from Loughner.

This incident however brings another issue to the table and that is the issue of firearms (and their availability to pretty much anyone with a legal license). I've always been pro firearms, and to be honest, i own quite a few myself. But being a respectable citizen of the United states and not feeling any desire to stick my neck out on the chopping block or make matters worse, the only time they come out is at the range or when i'm cleaning them. All other times they are locked away with multiple layers of security.

Instead of banning firearms like the left wants to say, but compromising from the right's "total freedom" and "everyone needs to have a pistol hidden up their ass... just in case" mindsets, how about we make it mandatory that in order to purchase a firearm, you have to take a psyche evaluation. The evaluation would stay on your record for 2-10 years (or anywhere in between) in which if it passes a sanity test and proves you're perfectly sane and responsible enough to carry a firearm, you can purchase one.

This solution would satisfy the left's side because it would rest assure that 99% of gun owners were in a stable mental state, and it would allow the firearms freedoms of the right with an extra failsafe that they'd just have to get used to.

What do you think? Leave all comments and feedback in the comments section, i welcome it all.

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