Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EVE Online: Prelude

So with the school semester now over for me and Summer starting up quickly, my mind has already transitioned from the classroom back to the video games that i love and enjoy. I've been meaning to get Diablo 3, and i actually had a preorder for it, but financially i was in a terrible spot this week so i ended up having to pull the reservation and put the 65 bucks towards other constructive things like food and gas. However when i found out that i could play my lost passion, EVE Online, without actually paying for it by buying game time with ingame cash i was more than elated. So now i have an EVE Online subscription and i'm delving deep into the lore. As such, my next blog (coming out the day after tomorrow) will talk all about the lore of eve as i understand it so far.

Have any of you ever played or are currently playing EVE Online? What do you make of it? Have you ever broken through the mountain of a difficulty curve?

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