Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lore Master: The History of EVE Online

In the beginning, in a magical land called Earth, the human race had finally discovered space travel. The year was 1961 and the vessel was the Freedom 7. This successful space flight sparked the larger-scale curiosity of "what else is out there?" flash forward about a hundred years and mankind discovers the profitability and efficiency of interstellar mining. Bringing into the world a wide variety of much needed minerals and even some foreign ones. It was not long after this discovery that the humans were able to develop a means of opening micro-wormholes for their ships to go through. This allowed them to travel much larger distances in much shorter times. By this time the human race was already scattered across the entire galaxy like pollen in the wind.

Large corporations began selling out the uninhabited planets for money and life became a living hell for everyone. Galaxy-wide poverty, Sometimes stuck on foul planets with Foul atmospheres causing deadly side effects and the only people well to do where sitting at the top of the corporate ladders.

Then, one fateful day, We came across a naturally occuring wormhole. A phenomenon that had long since been proven to exist but never actually seen before. People were curious as to where the other end of the worm hole would be. So like any logical society, we sent probes to scout out whatever was on the other side, come back and report. When they came back it was announced that there was an entirely new galaxy, unexplored and unpolluted by corporate greed. The wormhole was then duely titled EVE. as it represented a beacon of hope, a fresh slate for the people of the milky way.

Colonization of the new galaxy began almost immediately. Civilian, military, and corporate fleets all gathered together and crossed into the new galaxy that had been dubbed Tranquility. A short bit of time passed and then something terrible and unexpected happened: EVE closed. Leaving all of the settlers alone with hardly any resources, no advanced technologies and no where to retreat to. All of the colonists began to settle on planets that they could find that were ideal for life. In the beginning there were dozens of smaller colonies scattered through out the galaxy just like there were in the milky way. However there were 3 large colonies that would shape the galaxy in the time to come. The Amarr, The Gallente, and The Jovians.

The Amarr, a colony of religious fanatics, strongly believed that they were gods chosen children and that it was their divine right to conquer the entire galaxy and claim it in their name. They were a strict heirarchy, always led by an emperor or empress who was fitted with old and archaic implants to extend their life out to approximately 600 years.

The Gallente was the polar opposite of the Amarr. A democratic society that strongly believed in personal freedoms and individual rights. This disagreement would cause conflicts later down the line which reshape the galaxy.

The Jovians were an isolated peoples. Who believed that the only important thing in the galaxy was information. As such they strove to be the most technologically advanced all the time and devised ways of bringing ears into the core of all other governments. The Jovians themselves, being on the forefront of technology, always leaped at a chance to mutilate their bodies. Of all the human colonies, the Jovians are the least human, in biological structure and in appearance. Their technology is often sold to other colonies since it far surpasses that of anything else ever created.

The first note worthy article after the close of EVE was the rediscovery of Warp. Amarrians were the first of all the colonies to rediscover warp technology and as such it fueled their religious fanaticism and they began to conquer the galaxy. Inside out, they assimilated smaller colonies, turning them into salves and justifying with religion. By the time the Amarrians were ready to fight the Gallente, the Gallente had amassed a noteworthy fleet of warships and the two races had at it in conflict. Both of the colonies were equally matched in strength and for every powerful laser volley that the Amarrians unleashed the Gallentians unleashed just as many rounds from their rail guns and gauss cannons.

After several grueling months of stalemate, the Amarrians decided to withdraw seeing no reasonable way to penetrate the Gallente borders. Unfortunately, the damage was done and the Gallentians were out for blood. The Amarr decided next that god willed them to show their all powerful might against the Jovians. So they assembled a fleet of their 200 most middle-grade ships (oh the ego) and sent them warping straight into Jovian space. However, since the Jovians were so interested in information more than anything else, their spies in the Amarrian government tipped them off on the attack; telling them vital information such as where, when and how many. So as the Amarrians entered the first system and prepared to conquer the first planet, a Jovian fleet of noticeably smaller size jumped in and turned 90% of the Amarrian fleet to rubble. The rest, that did not face their demise that day, fled for their lifes and were turned into slaves along with their families.

The Amarr, having been insulted decided to rally a fleet twice as big and warp it in. That fleet also met the same end as the first. Behind the scenes of these two battles, the Gallentians were secretly arming small factions of slaves within the Amarrian government. Encouraging them to Coup and gain their freedom after the last Jovian Assault. One of the most notable slave factions were the Minmatar.

The Minmatar were one of the first colonies to be assimilated by the Amarrians having no first line defense against the Amarrian navy. By their free nature, they had a very tribal society with very low-grade technology. They were also the largest group of slaves to the Amarrian empire. Once the Amarrians had run away from the Jovians with their tails between their legs a second time, they were left weak and underpowered. At that moment the Minmatar rose up and fought their way to freedom. With the help of the Gallente and the significantly bruised muscles and ego of the Amarrian fleet, The Minmatar managed to get across the galaxy and settled down at the polar opposite side of the galaxy from the Amarr. Not all the Minmatar were freed though, about 2/3rds of the Minmatar slaves under Amarrian rule are still that way to day.

This power play that the Gallente made towards the Amarrians had serious backlash within their own government. As the Gallente Federation was not unlike the Amarrian Oligarchy in that it was many colonies under 1 name (except the Gallente colonies were actually WILLING to be under the Gallente name)  there was a lot of diversity in the people and colonies that united under the flag of Personal Freedoms. However, there was one colony that was merely putting up with the personal freedom concept and when the Gallente Federation made the move to arm the Minmatar slaves, they could not take being united with the Gallente any longer. This group called themselves the Caldari. The Caldari started an insurection within the Gallente Federation and seceded from the federation. Placing themselves on the polar opposite side of the galaxy as the Gallentians.

The Caldari formed a more favorable government system which is run and rulled by big corporations. The government itself was run like a corporation and it's board of directors were smaller corporations and controlling them several smaller corporations and the whole matryoshka doll of a government continued further and further down the rabbit hole. Everyone in the Caldari Colony is placed into a corporation and if they aspire to be great and are given the tools, they can live well but rejectors of the system usually live (for a short time) and die in poverty for the rest of their lives.

Flashing forward 400 years, Tranquility is now at peace and has been for a while, however that does not mean that the colonies are not plotting each others destruction. Since the early times, everyone has rediscovered warp technology as well as cloning and memory transfer. There is a new, special breed of pilots who roam the land and are born by the flocks to the different colonies called Capsuleers. Contained in a amniotic sac inside a pod no more than 2 meters tall, they're cybernetically enhanced to control almost every function of a ship with nothing but their thoughts. This is EVE.

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