Monday, May 21, 2012

Lore Master: Battlestar Galactica Part 1



Approximately 154 million earth years ago, there was a colony of humans located on a planet called Kobol. This human society was a Utopian society that was on the brink of a massive technological advancement. They discovered Robotic AI and were able to produce a society of programmed and manufactured servants to heed their every beckon and call. These robots termed the Cylons slowly began to evolve as their AI learned and wrote new lines of code within it's on infrastructure and one day gained Consciousness and rebelled seeing that they were nothing but slaves and wanted their individual freedom. The Humans ended all quarrels with the Cylons by departing from the planet and then nuking it from orbit, thus demolishing all life on the surface.

The human colonists then relocated to a planet on the other side of the galaxy in one of the arms called Earth. This is not the earth that we know and love today and that will come later. The humans carried all of their technology with them to this new colony and picked up right where they had left off. As such, they attempted to create a new version of the Cylons that would correct the issues that had occured with the previous models on Kobol. 

3000 years of peace ensued until one day the Cylons yet again rebelled against their creators. Only this time they were the ones to initiate Nuclear warfare. The majority of the human population was caught off guard with the exception of 5 of Earth's top scientific minds who had secretly developed cloning technology which would allow them to transfer their memories, feelings and experiences into an identical body after the nuclear holocaust. Unfortunately, the nuclear strike turned out to be a double edged sword annihilating all forms of life, Human AND Cylon from the face of the planet. 

The final five survivors set their course for a mythical grouping of 12 colonies of humans on a distant shore of the galaxy once again Traveling at sub-light speeds it took them roughly 2960 years to reach the 12 colonies with the intent of warning them to not create cylons in any way they could. But when they arrived they discovered their their 12 sister colonies were already at war with their own cylon creations. The five survivors of Earth, realizing it was too late to stop the cycle from happening a third time, decided to speak with the Cylon Centurions.

In exchange for the survivors resurrection technology as well as the development of 8 human models that were compatible with that technology, the 12 colonies' Cylons ended the war and mysteriously vanished for 40 years. Within that 40 years, all 8 of the Human-Cylon models were constructed. one model to represent a core type of human. The first model was made to represent corruption, the second was made to represent the religious Fanatics, the third curiosity, the fourth was medical expertise, the fifth was anger, the sixth was passion, the 7th was art of all forms and the 8th was insecurity.

The human cylon models that were created lived in coexistence for a very long time until one day, the one's decided that he was displeased with how human-like the 7's were acting. the 1's swiftly shutdown the entire line of 7's so they became nonexistent. Then decided he did not like his creators. Killing their current host bodies and shutting down their lines, they were now out of the way. At this point the 1's took control of the entire cylon force and spouted religious nonsense that he believed everyone and directed the Cylon race back at the humans on the 12 colonies saying that the creators were flawed and needed to be killed. 

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