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Lore Master: Deus Ex

!!!WARNING!!! This article contains spoilers to the video game series "Deus Ex"

In the not-so-distant future the technology of the world will go sprinting past us faster then we will ever dream of being able to keep up with it today. Corporations will rise from the ground seemingly overnight and their regime will be that you work for them to make a living or you don't live at all.

Our story starts off with a certain evil individual named Bob Page. A shadow of a man, he is the head of a top secret underground syndicate dedicated on putting their own agenda through the cracks of society in an attempt to mold the society that they want.

Cybernetic implants had been out for several years now first being invented by an individual named Hugh Darrow in a case of necessity is the father of invention. Since then, several corporations scattered throughout the world picked up the technology and pushed it to it's limits in almost every field, medicine, athletics, fashion and (as none of them will openly admit to the press) military.

Bob Page being part of an underground operation with an agenda to control the world governments through use of the newly invented cybernetics technology recruited a lone scientist named Meghan Reed into her regime. Meghan Reed worked for the largest American cybernetics firm called Sarif Industries, in an extensive study to try to resolve rejection symptoms with cybernetic augmentations, an issue which had quickly began to plague the world.

Bob Page located "the perfect specimen". A human being who's DNA would naturally be perfectly compatible with cybernetic implants. Making rejection sickness a thing of the past. Meghan Reed was tasked with getting close to this specimen via any means possible. The specimen's name was Adam Jensen.

Meghan became deep lovers with Adam, they had their turmoils, arguments and an eventual divorce. They still managed to stay friends though (whether for genuine feelings or because Meghan Reed still had work to do is unknown) and Meghan eventually got Adam a security job at Sarif Industries.

This set the stage for Act 1. On the day preceding the release of  Sarif Industries newest discovery, how to remove rejection sickness from the face of the earth, Bob Page moved. Running commands down the line to convolute the tracks leading directly to him, he ordered a siege on Sarif Industries. The mercenaries hired to do the job slaughtered hundred of employees, kidnapped Meghan, and nearly killed Adam Jensen. Adam was fitted with the latest cybernetic augmentations and proceeded to hunt down Meghan until he finally found her in a structure built by Hugh Darrow called Panchea designed to seize control of every cybernetically enhanced human on the planet and drive them insane to the point of homocidal.

Meghan escaped Panchea with the help of Adam, still unaware of her alliances, and destroyed panchea. Leaving the world to figure out for themselves whether or not  Cybernetic enhancement was good for the human race or not.  Through the turbulence of these events two new organizations was formed, the National Secessionist Forces(NSF). A coalition fanatically against bio-augmentation, who in an effort to make a statement decapitated the statue of liberty, and the United Nations Anti-Terrorism Coalition (UNATCO), an anti-terrorist group designed to combat the NSF and other smaller terrorist syndicates.

UNATCO was lead by previous FBI agent Joseph Manderley, who was secretly in the pocket of Bob Page. Several years after the event's of Adam, society had recovered from the devastation that Hugh Darrow unleashed on the world and the technology for bio-enhancement has advanced to where cybernetic augmentations are nonexistent. All bio-enhancements are now granted to a user by means of microscopic robots. The only telltale sign that users are augmented are sharp blue veins that never disappear.

One fateful day, a UNATCO agent named Paul Denton manged to get his little brother, JC Denton, a spot on the force. After a raid on the NSF in Grand Central Park, Paul uncovers evidence linking Joseph Manderley to a Bob Page's regime. Upon approaching his brother about this, JC Denton taken through a rabbit hole and eventually uncovers Bob Page's organization and kills Bob Page. This is however not before is it revealed the JC and Paul are clones bred to be the perfect cyber soldiers (using Adam's DNA to breed the no doubt). Bob Page, before he was killed was able to release one final, supposedly perfect clone from the Adam Jensen DNA string named Walter Simons. JC Denton destroys Walter Simons, and retreats within the catacombs of Area 51 and placed into frozen storage for several years. When awoken by Alex Denton, a clone, several generations later from Walter Simons, JC Denton continues on his quest to stop the cycle of violence by killing Alex. Unfortunately he fails in this endeavor and the cycle carries on.

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