Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lore Master: Battlestar Galactica Part 3

Kara Thrace, not wanting to jeopardize her crew, took a Raptor (the humans crew transport ship) to the coordinates where the Cylon defectors were lying. entirely crippled from what was meant to be a genocidal strike. Kara Thrace helped get the defector's flagship back to operational capacity just in time to rendezvous with Kara's crew and ship.

The Cylon flagship joined the ranks of the human fleet and together the launched an offensive on the hub of Cylon resurrection technology. Rescuing the recently unboxed DeAnne in the process and also taking out 2 Cylon flagships as well as severely damaging another. The DeAnne took refuge on the Cylon flagship demanding that the 4 surviving Final 5 members be released to her custody so that she can find the path to earth for the Cylons.

After a long and grueling stalemate, it was agreed that the Final Five can choose to come and go as they please and stay anywhere they wish. It wasn't until a civilian coup on the Galactica brought on by the unrest of allying with the cylon defectors that the shape of the ending begins to form. One of the final five, Samuel T. Anders, was shot in the back of the neck, severing his spinal cord and causing his mind to become hyperactive. The fifth of the final five arrived having been resurrected shortly before the resurrection hub was destroyed, rallied the final five together and returned their memories of the previous lives with a long case of story time.

With the Galactica on it's last dying breath from all of the abuse it had received in the 4 year journey, the Colonial fleet finally made it to earth to find a nuclear wasteland from 3000 years before. Disheartened the suicide rate in the colonial fleet spiked and the necessity of finding a new, non-radioactive home was paramount. By the time they had found a new location, an 8 that had come back with the fifth of the final five had stolen a child that would later play a critical role. So the Galactica jumped to where she was being held, a secret Cylon colony which was trapped in the Event horizon of a singularity, took her back and destroyed the colony with a nuclear barrage.

Returning to the fleet with the child in tow, they began colonization of this new planet with no known name at that point in time. It was resolved by Admiral Adama and Laura Rosalin (in her last dying breaths) that the planet would be called Earth since their journey was to settle on Earth. It was deemed necessary that in order to break the cycle of violence that had repeated itself twice now, everyone would have to start from scratch, no technology, no equipment, just start over completely. With that, Samuel T. Anders, being hooked up to all the primary systems of the Galactica and the remaining ships of the fleet (including the defector's flagship) flew the empty fleet into the sun of the solar system.

The little girl they fought so hard to save was the Eve of human civilization on what is now known as earth, and 148 thousand years later, the still hasn't repeated.

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